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Looking for ways to make running your small business a little easier?  No reason to reinvent the wheel -- there are already a lot of free and inexpensive tools  available, as well as several forums to find useful advice.

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Productivity Tools


Project Management Tools

  • Mermaid -- Online FlowChart and diagrams editor.  Supports Gantt as well as "user journey" flows.
  • OpenProject -- Conventional project management tool designed to look and perform similarly to MS Project®.  (Can be used to edit MS Project® files, but MS Project® will not read OpenProject files.)
  • TargetProcess -- Project management tool designed for Agile development environments, particularly Scrum and Kanban.  Free license for up to five users.
  • Google Calendar -- While not necessarily built as a project scheduling application, this article explains how to use it as one, with the added benefit of being cloud-based for online sharing.


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